Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Mondays at 8pm this fall on The Dayton’s CW

The Valley Season 2 Cast

The cast of season two of The Valley have been announced – learn more about them.

Marshmallow-Popcorn “iZombie” Brain

Here’s a fun recipe to enjoy while watching Dayton’s CW’s new hit show, iZombie! Catch all new episodes on Tuesday at 9pm! Ingredients: – 2 …

Happy Birthday Dad!

A HUGE thank you to my friends and family who made this gift possible! I appreciate you and love you all so much! Thank you for making my da…

DIY Wood Photo

Supplies needed: -piece of wood -printed photo -Mod Podge -2 brushes -scissors -Gel Medium, printed quote on computer paper, washcloth (opti…

Green Smoothie

Here’s my “very, very green smoothie recipe.” I use it every now and then when I need to cleanse and reboot my body!