Confused about Cult? Don’t Be!

So it might sound a little tricky at first, the whole, show-within-a-show concept. But really, it’s simple to break down.

The CW’s  brand new series is called “Cult” and within that series is an “inside television show,” that is also called Cult.

There are some key characters that you need to know about.

Let’s start with the main character Jeff Sefton. Jeff is an investigative journalist. He finds himself drawn into the television show world of Cult after his brother, who was a big fan, mysteriously disappears.

Jeff is by no means a man without secrets…it seems that in his line of work he sometimes crosses the line to get the truth. It might put him in some dangerous situations soon if he doesn’t proceed with caution.

Skye Yarrow is another important character to keep an eye on. She is a young research assistant that works on the TV show Cult. She agrees to help Jeff in his pursuit of uncovering the truth about whats going on both in the TV show and with the crazy fans.

Speaking of crazy, let’s talk about the cult leader Billy Grimm.

In the television show he controls what goes on within his “welcoming family.” But behind all that charm is a ruthless leader.

The actor playing Billy Grimm is Roger Reeves. Roger makes a brief appearance in the first episode when he bumps into Jeff. He seems harmless enough, but who knows if that’s really the case.

Kelly Collins knows what it’s like to play a weird role on Cult.

She portrays an LAPD detective named Marti Gerritsen on the show trying to find her missing sister and investigating the cult she was once a part of. To make things even more interesting she had a very close relationship with Billy while she was in the cult.

The lines of reality and fiction are very blurry on this show. You might think you have all the clues figured out but the mystery is just beginning to unfold and there are lots of twists ahead.

Catch all new episodes of “Cult” on Dayton’s CW every Tuesday at 9PM!


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