How to Prepare for the 2013 CW Star Auditions

It’s that time of year…the CW Star auditions are back!

That means it’s almost time for yours truly to be passing on the torch to the next face of Dayton’s CW.

If you will be attending the auditions and want some advice I’ve got a few ideas for you.

1) Look Camera Ready- Pick out an outfit that you’re comfortable in but that says, “I’m ready to be on television.” Bright colors are a good choice. Dark jeans and a jacket always look good too. I’d recommend that you avoid anything with a distracting pattern.

2)Get Your Face In Place- The camera is not kind to any kind of blemish or redness on your skin. So that means some make-up is needed to give you an even skin tone. A little foundation and powder should do the trick…this goes for guys too.

3)Smile- It let’s the judges know you’re excited and happy to be auditioning, even if you are feeling nervous and unsure on the inside.

4)Do Your Homework- Do you watch Dayton’s CW? If so, that’s great. If not, that’s ok too but you should become familiar with it by watching a show or two and exploring Also, check out my videos to see what I’ve done this year in both interviews and events.

5)Know the Facts- Read the application and rules thoroughly so you  know what is to be expected. Also, if you happen to list a special talent, you might want to be prepared to bust that talent out during your audition.

6)Be Confident- You are awesome! Let the judges know that through your body language and voice (don’t fidget or shift your weight too much). If you are someone who starts talking faster when they get nervous be aware of that and try to keep an even pace.

7)Say Hi- If you happen to spot me at the auditions (which I’m sure you will) say hello and if you have questions for me I’ll answer them as best I can while you wait in line.

8)Have Fun- The fact that you are auditioning at all takes guts. I was really nervous last year at my audition but in the end I was so happy that I gave it a shot!

It’s going to be such a great day. I can’t wait to meet all of you that come and audition. Best of luck!

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