Thanksgiving Food Favorites!

Thanksgiving is next week and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s a fantastic time of the year to just relax with family and enjoy some delicious foods.

Here are some of my favorite foods to have at Thanksgiving and some simple recipes you can try this year:

1) Corn Casserole


The reason that this side dish is so great because it’s a nice combination of corn bread and corn pudding. It’s very simple to make and requires minimal preparation.

If you haven’t tried it before this one is a must!


2) Rosemary Roasted Turkey


Turkey is a staple of the holiday. But the key is really getting the best flavor possible and making sure it isn’t too dry.

This recipe is one you may one to try.



3) Mashed Potatoes


At my house Mashed Potatoes are a win every single time.

Whether you like them with butter, cheese, salt, sour cream, or just plain they are quite filling and tasty! There might be some leftovers but who’s complaining about that?



4) Rolls


The dinner rolls will be one of the first things you run out of…but it’s because they are just soooo good.

Homemade bread is the way to go.


5) Macaroni & Cheese


Last but not least we have the Mac & Cheese.

You can add bacon bits, bread crumb toppings, or even have is be baked mac and cheese.

This one is always a good bet for the kids of course. The best part about this side dish is that it doesn’t take that long to make.

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