The Valley: Episode 4

Ellis explains his life-long battle with sickle cell. he explains it’s a challenge, but one he does not let get in the way of living his life to the fullest. He expresses his interest in mentoring a young child with sickle cell and meets with 10-year-old Trayvon, who also suffers from sickle cell. Ellis explains that sickle cell doesn’t make him different from anyone else and that he’ll always be there if Trayvon needs someone to talk to. For more information on the local chapter of the Ohio Sickle Cell click here.

The crew heads to Channel 99.9 Summer jam at The Rose Music Center at the Heights. They get hooked up with VIP passes from Stephen Lewis and the gang from Channel 99.9 and get backstage access and a meet-and-greet with MKTO. Chris and Aaron find Nathan to be a downer at the show and express their feelings on the matter. Sol pulls Casey and Noelle aside at Summer Jam to talk about an issue she has with Alexys and why she had Ryan and Ally over to hang out but they weren’t invited.

The crew tidy up for a night in downtown Cincinnati on a BB Riverboat cruise along the Ohio River. Spirits are high until Sol ramps up the drama by having an argument with Ryan, interrupting the guys when they begin talking to some cute girls, and confronting Alexys about why her, Casey and Noelle were not invited to her house. Ryan decides to act on his feelings for Alexys and asks her to go on a date with him. She accepts. And the night ends with an explosive fireworks display from Great American Ballpark.

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