The Valley: Episode 3

After a long, hard day docking the boat, Noelle and Ally decide to throw a luau party for the group. But someone parties a little too hard, resulting in some backlash from the rest of the group.

The gang starts their second day on the boat. Alexys sports a questionable Winnie the Pooh outfit. Sol decides to confront Ryan about comments he made about her behavior the night prior. A storm brews up in Cumberland, causing the rope to snap. The guys must jump into action to save the boat from floating away as the girls watch on.

Alexys and Ellis host an ABC (Anything But Clothes) party for the gang during dinner. Everyone brings their best to the table. Alexys and Ellis host a talent show. Some stars shine bright, others fade out. But Chris ultimately steals the show. Check out behind the scenes here.

The trip has come to an end as the gang bring the boat back to the dock, everyone reflects on the good and bad of the trip and look forward to the summer with the group they just became closer with.

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