The Valley: Episode 2

Ally, Donald and Nathan meet up for lunch at Bravo to discuss the cookout and meeting the new members of the group. As well as crazy experiences they’ve had during their first year at college. Let’s be honest who HASN’T had a crazy experience their first year of college?

Chris invites the guys to the Kroger Aquatic Center to get some sun and ride water slides, while also taking the opportunity to introduce his friend Aaron to Ellis and Ryan. They also invite Aaron along on their upcoming trip to Lake Cumberland with the girls.

Ally invites the girls to Communi-Tea for afternoon tea and getting to know each other better. Check out behind the scenes here.

The gang gets ready to take off for their trip to Lake Cumberland. Docking the boat turns out to be a much bigger task than they bargained for. Once the trouble subsides they begin the fun and look forward to an amazing 3 days on the house boat.

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