The Valley: Episode 1

The Valley: Episode 1

Behind the Scenes from The Producers
Episode 1:

In the first episode, you meet the characters and the scene at Riverscape in Downtown Dayton is the first time the cast officially met. Everyone was really excited … but poor Donald was so sick he didn’t have any fun. Our goal in this episode was to tell their back-story and you’d never know it but we spent at least two and half hours inside each cast members home – except for one character whose parents were turned off by the idea of studio cameras in their home so his scenes were filmed in one of the Producers homes.

Ziplining was the cast’s first summer adventure together. When you see their reactions to ziplining, they are all authentic – most were literally terrified. They weren’t the only ones who were nervous … we had a large production crew, and all but one suited-up. For the cast members it was just hold on and go but what you don’t see is the crew ziplining across with cameras, boom mics and other equipment.

The entire shoot at Planet Fitness was hilarious from start to finish. As you can tell, Chris is into fitness and we were always hearing about his routines – for instance when the cast would all get together and have ice cream or fun treats, Chris would refuse them because he wanted nothing to get in the way of his washboard abs. He is dedicated.

It was a challenge finding the right mentor for Ally. We wanted someone who had a rich background in music performance and as luck would have it, Eric Ulloa an actor/writer out of NYC just happened to be in Dayton workshopping the musical he wrote at The Human Race Theatre. The way that this scene played out on camera was exactly as we had hoped it would be. This was the producers first time hearing Ally’s original song. We all thought it was amazing.

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