US Olympian’s Guilty Pleasure Hint: Sexy Vampires

If you’ve been watching the Olympics at all, you’ve probably heard of Ashley Wagner, Olympic medalist in figure skating. She has had a lot of controversy surrounding her, considering she finished fourth in her performance at the 2014 U.S. Championships but still ended up being named to the U.S. 2014 Winter Olympic Team.

She  is absolutely set on showing the world that she belongs exactly where she is, with routines like this, reactions to low scores like this and some strong opinions. While one may not agree with all of her opinions she definitely shares one of ours.

In a recent interview Ashley declared one of her most guilty pleasures was none other than The Vampire Diaries.

Don’t worry Ashley you don’t have to hide this little guilty pleasure. We like to look at them too.

Really, everyone’s doing it.





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