Arrow Star Stephen Amell Breaks Facebook (sort of)

Today at 12:00 p.m. Stephen Amell, Star of Arrow, participated in a LIVE question and answer session with his fans on the Arrow Facebook Page. He was was so quick to respond and with more than just “yes” and “no” answers, that Facebook actually blocked him from any further comments because they thought he was a spam bot. Come on Facebook. Really?

Now we always knew that Stephen liked his fans but this Q&A session was pretty epic. He literally answered almost every SINGLE question his fans left him and in record time.

So, what should you do if you missed your chance to ask Stephen a question? Here’s what:
1. Read the questions and his answers (like, “Is Bruce Wayne ever going to be on an episode of Arrow”) by clicking here

2. Like the Stephen Amell Facebook Page because he totally rocks.

3. Like the Arrow Facebook age so you don’t miss out next time.

4. Like the Dayton’s CW Facebook Page because we’ll give you all kinda of behind the scenes scoop.

5. Like the Dayton’s CW Star Facebook Page because she wants more friends. Really.

6. Tune into Dayton’s CW tonight for an ALL NEW episode of Arrow at 8 p.m. Do it.

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