No Pressure Valentines Day Ideas

Do you ever feel like Valentine’s Day just creeps up on you? Work gets busy, January is often filled with ice and snow and then suddenly it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re supposed to plan the perfect romantic getaway while simultaneously making tons of treats and paper valentines for the school party! Yeah, we feel that way too. So, our Dayton’s CW Star, and Mom of two, Katie Kenney, is making things a bit easier on us this year.

First and foremost she says unless the sky’s the limit, opt for a DIY gift. Create a coupon book with things like – free hug, back massage or movie night. She’s been creating coupon books since she was in High School and giving them to her significant other! If you don’t like the idea of a coupon book, try grabbing a bunch of post its and posting hand-written love notes around the house, in the car, and other fun places for he or she to find. Another fun idea is to try sending your sweetie a message by using only candy hearts. It’s the same idea as the post its but instead of paper, leave the hearts in fun places so they will ultimately spell out something like
“I Love you” “Sweetheart” “U R my soul-mate” It sounds so silly but it’s cheap, easy and a fun way to remind your guy or gal how much they are loved.

Second, she says it’s important to avoid the crowds and you’ll likely get better deals, better service and have a better time. The restaurants are always crowded on Valentine’s Day, so why not do your dinner a day early or a day late? You can celebrate your love any day of the week, not just February 14th! Better yet, skip the over-priced meal and make a meal at home or cook breakfast in bed. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Last, she says avoid spending any money on the cardboard Valentines you can buy at the supermarket and make your own. If you aren’t a graphic artist and/or you don’t have time to make your own, don’t you fret, she went all out and created some for you available for FREE download, right here! Man, she really thought of everything. We sure hope her sweetie takes a page from her book and follows her advice!

valentine (1)

To download the “I Love You” version of the Valentine click here.
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To download the “I Like You” version of the Valentine click here.

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