Hart of Dixie and the town of BlueBell

If you’re a Hart of Dixie fan, then it’s quite likely that you’re all too familiar with the town of BlueBell. Founded many years ago by Cyrus Lavinius Jeremiah Jones, BlueBell is located in the beautiful southern state of Alabama. This close-knit community is dedicated to providing residents with the absolute finest in Southern living.

Now of course BlueBell isn’t really real … but it’s still fun to learn about! So check out the site here and you’ll feel like you’re behind the scenes of Hart of Dixie as you learn about the pet of the week, the local merchants and even the police log!

Did you know you can even follow Mayor Hayes on Twitter? Yes, really!

So go ahead and read up on all things BlueBell before tonight’s ALL NEW episode of Hart of Dixie at 8 p.m. and while you’re at it, watch this preview!


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