High School Journalism Outreach Day

Photo Credit Ja’dden Norman

On January 23 Dayton’s CW and 2 News hosted a High School Journalism Outreach Program for area High School Students. The program was designed to offer local high school juniors and seniors who are interested the field of journalism, a first-hand educational experience.

Students  spent the day learning the daily operations of our station by touring the building, asking a multitude of questions, popping in edit suites, working closely and speaking candidly with our staff.  In addition, students had the chance to be live on the set of the WDTN Lifestyle show Living Dayton.

Upon completion of the program, students were  encouraged to write about their experience in their respective school newspaper, newsletter or similar medium. A few  students from Centerville High School filmed their experience and one student from Wayne High School created quite the recap of  his experience. You should certainly read it here.

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