The Valley debuts this September

Six strangers coming together for the summer. Relationships will be tested. New relationships will form. Everybody has something to prove.

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Event: Kicks for a Cure!

Think just one person can’t make a difference? Think again. A few years ago a mother with a type 1 diabetic son had the idea to raise money …


Heropalooza at Dayton Mall

Today hundreds of families came out to the Dayton Mall to enjoy Heropalooza, an event where superheros like Batman, Spiderman and Captain Am…


Stay connected with the CW Network apps

Get The CW app for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Keep up with the TVD conversation with The Vampire Diaries app for iOS an…

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New Show: Famous in 12

There’s a new unscripted series coming to Dayton’s CW this June. One fame-seeking family will be filmed around the clock for 12 weeks straig…

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Whose Line Is It: Minis

  Can’t get enough Whose Line Is It Anyway? It’s ok. Neither can we. Good news! We now have CW Minis brought to you by CW Seed. This is the …